SR-22 Insurance


If your driver license is suspended because you had a motor vehicle accident and you were not insured, you may be eligible to obtain a noncommercial restricted driver license during the mandatory one-year suspension period. If you have a commercial class A, B, or C license, Federal Regulations state you are not eligible for any of the following restrictions. However, if you downgrade to a noncommercial Class C or M driver license, you may obtain any or all of the restrictions noted below if you:

  • pay a $250 financial responsibility penalty fee and
  • pay the reissue fee and
  • file proof of financial responsibility (SR 22) with DMV

An SR-22 is filed with the DMV by the insurance company to verify financial responsibility after an accident with no insurance has occurred or a DUI. Electronic reporting of insurance information and programming changes that took effect in 2006, allows the department to monitor insurance coverage and take appropriate actions through vehicle suspension as required by law.


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